Votief is an independent weblog about watches, luxury marketing and lifestyle. We distinguish ourselves by embracing our independence and adopting a critical perspective on the watch industry.

Whereas other blogs depend on revenue from the same parties they are reviewing we operate entirely independently. Having our backgrounds in marketing and engineering, we focus primarily on the positioning of brands and their watches, either new releases or pre-owned discoveries.

Still too often we find ourselves reading reviews that appear more like glorified press releases than genuine insights.

Our vision is to provide a platform for discerning watch aficionados and those who love luxury. In which we pierce through the smoke screens and luxury claims to get to the essence of what the business is all about, emotion, value and history. After all, luxury will continue to be anything but essential.

Founded in 2023 and starting as a freelance luxury marketer, we are in the process of turning the tide with critical articles and exceptional finds. Above all, keep an eye on us.