The Birth of Gevrey-Chambertin: From a Village to a Wine Royalty

Originally the village was simply called Gevrey, but in 1847 the parish council added the name of the most prestigious local vineyard, Le Chambertin. This started a trend that extended throughout the Côte d’Or, down to the “Montrachets” ( Puligny and Chassagne ) in the south.

Today, there are 11 villages on the Côte d’Or whose names refer to their most prestigious vineyard location. The Gevrey-Chambertin appellation comprises more than 2 million bottles of wine per vintage. This figure includes all premier cru wines, but not the grand cru wines, which have their own separate appellations. Although the grand cru wines attract the most attention, the wines covered by the village’s Gevrey-Chambertin appellation are very highly regarded.

The deep red secrets underlying the full flavours of Gevrey-Chambertin

Like their big grand cru brothers, all Gevrey-Chambertin wines are made exclusively from Pinot Noir. Widely regarded as the most full-bodied and structured Burgundy wines, its wines have a particular intensity of colour, aroma and flavour, not to mention impressive longevity. With a solid backbone, well-made specimens can develop for decades in a bottle. A Gevrey Pinot Noir has a rustic character and is not overly refined.

These qualities, combined with the village’s solid reputation and relatively large production volumes, have earned Gevrey-Chambertin a reputation as the “king” of Burgundy wines. The grand cru vineyards are located just south of the village, on the middle slopes of the Côte d’Or slope.

Gevrey-Chambertin: A place where rustic characters bear the Crown

These nine different climates, each with its appellation, collectively occupy a strip 500 metres wide between the village and the border with Morey-Saint-Denis. The grand cru climates produce the most expensive wines in the commune. The Premier Cru vineyards are located just west of the village, on the higher slopes of the Côte d’Or, at an altitude of 250 to 350 metres.

De meest gerespecteerde hiervan zijn Clos Saint-Jacques en Les Cazetiers , die beide regelmatig worden aangehaald als zijnde van grand cru-kwaliteit. In het oosten en noorden liggen de wijngaarden op dorpsniveau, die elk jaar meer wijn produceren dan bijna elke andere gemeente in de Côte d’Or.

Polarouter; How time flies.

Polarouter; How time flies.

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