Universal Genève; the past is not forgotten

When I acquired the domain name UniversalGeneve.com a few years ago, I would never have expected the name to be revived within just a few years, not to mention by an established watch company. While I am not a fan of Vintage watches, I am intrigued by heritage and how brands utilize it.

It was for this reason that I set out several years ago to gather all the globally open-source material concerning UG to compile it into a short engagingly written book.

Having a background in marketing and being passionate about watchmaking, I was particularly curious to know how a brand that was once as great or grander than Rolex could have made so many stumbles and partially been lost with the times.

How could it be that a wealthy investment company from Hong Kong, no less, left the potency untapped? Frankly, I have never found the answer to that. But I did discover the rich history of this wonderful brand. A history that is being revived by the owners of Breitling. I am going to keep a close and critical eye on it and when they satisfy my wishes, I’ll be the first in line to proceed with a purchase.

I invite you to read the book above. You may download it, share it and use it however you wish. All I want is to tell the story of this wonderful brand and receive a little credit. Please be mindful that the book is still rough and unfinished. Perhaps with enough interest and time, I will complete it.

A new exciting time has dawned and I will continue to write a great deal about it on this website.

Illustrations made by Femke Ketelaar.