Hands-on with the Patek 5146G: annual calendar.

Patek Philippe 5146G in whitegold. Now sold at Crownguard.com.

Patek Philippe is a brand synonymous with luxury and elegance, known for its timeless designs and craftsmanship.

It may be far from being the most complicated Patek, but is a design that is in essence pure Patek. We’ll take you along on a journey with this holy grail. The Patek Philippe 5146G: annual calendar, in 18k white gold.

Modern size: 39mm casing

Introduced in 2005, as an update of the 5035 intertwines everyday practicality with a conventional appearance. By incorporating a silver-toned brushed dial and applied lume dots, the watch takes on a sportier but not too flashy look. The 39mm case emits a deep warm glow due to the use of solid 18k white gold.

The annual calendar is complemented by a moon phase and power reserve, further adding complexity and appreciation to the timepiece.

One would expect it from a brand like Patek, yet not all their models come with a clasp as gorgeous as this one.

A clasp for comfort

The folding clasp is not only easy to use but also stunning to look at. It is decorated with the Calatrava cross so that any enthusiast from afar can see the remarkable model you are wearing. This way the watch stands out from all perspectives in a subtle way.

Apart from the practical advantage of a self-winding rotor, it looks and feels luxurious and eye-catching; the 24-carat gold swinging back and forth. Between the motion of the cross-decorated rotor, you capture glimpses of the beautifully hand-finished movement.

This example is from 2015, in excellent condition and comes as a full set. Price on request, now sold at www.crownguard.com.

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