Flavorful wines and familiar hysterics; what wine and watches have in common.

As many watch lovers are aware, the watch market has had a somewhat less pleasant aspect in recent years. Where in the past value retention for some models was a nicety, now speculation, investment and quick bucks dominate the market.

With the tide appearing to be turning and the speculators harshly outplayed by the downward trend, things are gradually calming down. We can once more indulge ourselves as prices become more realistic.

A different market, though one that also involves a lot of capital, has seen the same kind of obsession in recent years: those of exceptional wines. Particularly the ones from Burgundy. Therefore, I thought it would be fascinating to speak with a remarkable supplier.

A Toast to Love provided remarkable burgundy wines for our wedding last November. As we wanted to educate our guests about the flavour and sophistication of Burgundy. Consequently, they were the perfect partner to devote a series of articles on collectability, the market and most importantly, the marketing of burgundy wines.

We begin with an article that focuses on itself. So we know what motivates them and the reason they specialize solely in Burgundy wines; after all, a unique feature among wine merchants. Something we have seen among watch merchants over the past year is specialization, which is still lacking among many wine retailers in my opinion. breaking with traditions does not believe in the traditional wine retail model. As you may know, an importer and/or wine merchant buys several wines from different winemakers, puts a margin on them and prices them as if they are truly God’s gifts. The following year completely different gifts from God can be offered with the greatest ease in the world. Purely commercial trade, in other words. Supply and demand. In which the margin to be gained is decisive. works very differently.

Decades ago, the founders of, arrived in Burgundy by chance. Unhindered by any knowledge of the wines, they were immediately struck by the simplicity, small scale and diversity of the villages and surroundings.

The almost serene tranquillity. The winding roads that, it turned out later, connect truly world-famous wine villages. The vast vineyards with their sometimes lonely-looking caretakers on them. Hard-working farmers, tending their vines with love and passion.

It moved them and they decided they needed to read, learn and understand all they could about this wonderful region. On the people, their backgrounds, their passions and their beliefs. And, of course, about their wines. What makes them so special? Why is this wine region so unique? How come there are so many wine producers in such a relatively small area?

Now, decades later, they dare to claim – with caution – that they understand a thing or two about this complex wine region. Based on almost endless conversations with Burgundians, tastings of their wines and many trips through the region. And especially through sharing, discussing and comparing our own experiences with those of so many other Burgundy professionals and enthusiasts.

In the upcoming article, we will dive deeper into’s offerings and learn about the various quality norms and classifications that Burgundy is known for.

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